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Explore and Stay Warm

January 6, 2014

I warned you that I love to travel…so here’s to another stamp in my passport! I’m leaving soon for the UK…primarily exploring the great city of London but making an appearance in a few neighboring places and even making it to Scotland for a few days too. I will do my best to capture some of the moments and will be posting on our Instagram for all of you lovely folks to see…so if you aren’t following us yet, today is a great day to start!

I’ll be escaping sub-zero degree weather and instead enjoying-not-quite-so-chilly-but-often-rainy days as I discover new places—making my world simultaneously bigger and smaller all at once. I stand confident that I will come back from this journey with new ideas and inspiration…a huge reason why I believe that the exploration of cultures and places is so important.

Don’t wait to go somewhere to do this. Read, study, ask good questions. The world is right in front of you. Explore it today in whatever way you can.

Oh, and drink lots of tea while you do! Let’s both fight off the chill with a warm cup of tea this month!

Cheers to explorations and staying warm—see you across the pond!


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