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Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

October 25, 2013
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This is how I began!

Yesterday when I bought powdered sugar and butter at the grocery store, the cashier glanced at the clouds outside and commented “It’s a great day for baking!”   Indeed it was!

I cannot think of many things more heartwarming on a blustery day than fresh-baked cookies and hot tea. So while drinking Refresh (our Sencha, with peppermint, lemon peel, and ginger), I began to bake.  With a food processor, these shortbread cookies are a breeze! What a simple way to create homemade goodies in a time crunch!

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Yes, directly add the tea.

Even if you think you cannot bake, TRY EARL GREY SHORTBREAD COOKIES. We are convinced you will love them. You may even want to try Cream Earl Grey Tea or Blue Lady Grey Tea, with lavendar and blue mallow flower as an alternate tea for this quick and delicious recipe. I was delightfully surprised how well the bergamot came through the recipe.


Log roll for easy shaping.

Whether you need a fancy holiday dessert or just an afternoon tea treat, this elegant Earl Grey cookie will surely please your pallet.

As always, we invite you to enjoy the time in the kitchen, (however short it may be for these cookies), and invite friends for tea! What a delicious way to connect with your family and friends.


The Finished Product                                 Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

Follow the recipe at:

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  1. These look great!

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