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October 11, 2013


Tea is hot! Over the last decade I, have discovered many dimensions of this fascinating beverage.    It is my hope that through K’Tizo Talks many more will be awakened to the dilectable dimensions of this incredible beverage, tea.

Tea also known as Trá, Té, Cha, Chai, Chay … around the world is simply a refreshing  beverage that results from pouring hot water over camellia sinensis leaves. From the camellia sinensis species there are 2 varieties, camellia sinensis sinensis & camellia sinesis assamica then from these varietals come thousands of cultivars.

The 5 common categories of tea are black, green, oolong, white and pu’erh, (a sixth lesser known is yellow). All are the result of different cultivars, different processing, and different terrior.  Each aspect of tea I hope to expand upon through this blog.

Southern China where Northern Burma & Northeast India meets is considered the origin of tea. As the story goes, over 5000 years ago Emperor Shennong was delightfully surprised when a tea leaf drifted into his cup of hot water.  The refreshing beverage pleased the Emperor and the news spread through out China, and today everyone continues to discover Tea Is Hot!!

Judy Duncan

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